Captivating Confidence: A Review of The Kimberly Crochet Dress from Solid & Striped

Unleashing my inner fashionista on an impulse buy led me to discover Solid and Striped’s irresistible gem, The Kimberly Crochet Dress. Let me tell you, it was love at first sight! This casual and fun dress has quickly become my go-to for any summer occasion. From beachside parties to rooftop soirées, The Kimberly Crochet Dress exudes a carefree charm that instantly lifts my spirits and makes me feel like the life of the party.


This dress combines elegance and bohemian charm, making me feel incredibly beautiful and confident. The variety of colors it comes in is a definite plus. I couldn’t resist getting it in all three stunning options: Blackout, Crochet Marshmallow, and Crochet Blackout. Each color has its own unique appeal, from the classic sophistication of Blackout to the dreamy and ethereal vibe of Crochet Marshmallow, and the mesmerizing combination of dark hues and intricate crochet details in Crochet Blackout.


What sets The Kimberly Crochet Dress apart is its versatility. Whether you’re headed to a laid-back beach gathering or a glamorous evening affair, this dress has got you covered. For a day by the shore, I love styling it over my favorite swimsuit, allowing the delicate crochet details to peek through while creating a chic and effortless beachside look. But here’s the real magic: when the sun sets, I simply slip on a nude slip underneath, and voila! The Kimberly Crochet Dress transforms into an elegant day-to-night ensemble, perfect for sipping cocktails and dancing under the stars. Its seamless transition from casual to classy makes it a true wardrobe staple that never fails to impress.

Gives me confidence!

But the true magic of this dress lies in the confidence it brings. Every time I wore it, I received an abundance of compliments. Friends, strangers, even passersby couldn’t help but admire its stunning design. The intricate crochet details and the way the dress gracefully drapes on the body create a captivating look that turns heads wherever you go. I felt like a true fashion icon, radiating confidence with every step I took.

Something to keep in mind…

Now, it’s important to mention that The Kimberly Crochet Dress may have one minor drawback. It is a bit on the shorter side for taller individuals. I have a friend who is around 6’0”, and she found the dress to be a tad too short for her liking. However, for those of average height or shorter, this dress hits the sweet spot and accentuates your legs beautifully.


Comfort is key when it comes to The Kimberly Crochet Dress. The crochet fabric is soft and breathable, allowing for easy movement and keeping you cool on warm summer days. From  dancing at a rooftop party or strolling along the beach, this dress ensured comfort without compromising on style.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, The Kimberly Crochet Dress is a must-have for those seeking to channel their inner bohemian goddess. With its variety of captivating colors, this dress offers endless style options. Its versatility allows you to create different looks, and its comfortable fabric ensures you can enjoy your day with ease. 

Elevate your fashion game and make a lasting impression with the exquisite Kimberly Crochet Dress. Step into the spotlight, where heads will turn, compliments will flow, and your confidence will soar. With prices starting at $195, this dress is a timeless investment in style and sophistication.